Bouquet + Boutonniere Commission

One of the most interesting / challenging / fun things about taking commissions is when the client has an idea for a piece that literally never crossed my mind. This past month a couple from Georgia contacted me to do a custom bridal bouquet painting, but wanted it as a set with the boutonniere as well. I’ve never even considered painting a boutonniere, let alone doing a sort of ‘his & hers’ set from a wedding. It was such a charming idea, with the added bonus of it being for their anniversary AND that it was decorating their newly purchased home. You cant get any sweeter than that.

The biggest challenge was how to balance out the complexity of the bouquet with the simplicity of the boutonniere. The solution? Painting the boutonniere on a fabric (dark blue linen) that mimicked the color & texture of the groom’s suit from their big day. That, and I adding much more detail and subtlety to the boutonniere, drawing the eye in, even though it was a simple composition. In contrast, bouquet was kept loose and gestural, letting the broad paint strokes do the talking instead of a tightened up interpretation. The result? They loved it! Incorporating the base magenta into both paintings helped tie it together and now it gets to help make a house a home out in Georgia.

Here are some of the (gorgeous) reference photos from their wedding, along with the finished pieces!

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