2013 Recap - Unique LA

2014 is well underway, so its about time I do a proper 2013 recap. Last year was out-of-control productive, but went through in such a blur that I’ve not really stopped to think about it all. Here is a recap of the shows I was in with a few pithy insights - 

July - Unique LA Summer Show, Santa Monica Barker Hanger

photo 1 (4).JPG

I was a vendor at this crazy awesome show in Santa Monica. It was the first time I’d applied to be in anything like this and holy smokes getting an acceptance email was one of the most empowering moments. I was told I’d receive a notification of my acceptance on June 3rd and the day progressed like so:

  • 6am - 11pm check email every 3 minutes, try not to look like a nervous wreck in the office
  • 11pm - convince myself that I am still an OK artist and person even though I didn’t make it
  • 11:45pm - get this email. scream. scare the living daylights out of my boyfriend.
  • 11:45pm - 12am - cry. thank Jesus a lot. 
  • 12am June 4th - 8am July 13th - Freak out that I don’t have enough work. that my work isn’t good enough. that I am not good enough.

Insight about the process - I am shocked at how quickly the initial joy of being accepted into a show turned into absolute terror that I wasn’t going to make it. And the crappiest part? Terror isn't particularly motivating. It stagnates creativity and production. No bueno.

Insight about the show - I was the only painter there and my price points were a little high for the crowd, but it was still crazy awesome and I met a whole slew of people that I am so honored to work alongside, selling things that we cared deeply about & were excited to share with the world. Totally worth every moment of freaking out.

Lesson learned - remember that everyone else is just as nervous about stuff like this and holy smokes having a support system of friends to tell you you’re going to be OK makes a world of difference.