Interested in a custom bouquet Painting? 

The first anniversary material is paper, and this custom portrait of the bridal bouquet on archival, heavy stock paper is the perfect gift to commemorate and celebrate a year with your new partner-in-crime.

Have your bridal bouquet painted in a whimsical, contemporary style in colors that can be customized to fit your new home together or to remember the wedding colors you used on your wedding day. 

Fill out the form & I will respond within 1 day to let you know if I can take on this commission. I typically only accept 6 custom pieces a month & will let you know quickly if I'm not able to take this on!


How long does a commission take? 

Typically 1-2 weeks time, but a rush fee can be applied if the anniversary or event is around the corner! Fill out the form and make note of when you need it to arrive. I can provide a custom rush-fee that includes expedited shipping & will put your painting toward the top of the queue.

Do you deliver paintings?

Yes! If you're local to Los Angeles or Orange County, I'd be happy to deliver your finished painting for a $10 delivery fee (recommended if you're commissioning a larger piece).

How does the commission process work?

I work from photos you provide, usually from a wedding or a special occasion, but am happy to work from any photo of a bouquet that is special to you. You can send color preferences if you'd like this painting to match your home or remind you of your wedding colors.

What is the easiest form of payment? 

I accept Venmo, Paypal, Square Cash, Google Pay or you can go old school and mail a check. Once you fill out the form, I will generate an invoice for you that includes shipping costs & you can pay in whatever way is easiest!

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